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Adventure Tried & Tested

These are all items that I have personally used and recommend. At no extra cost to you, I may receive compensation if you decide to purchase these items for yourself. Thanks for helping to support my efforts here and my adventures!

Camping & Lightweight Travel
My No-Build Van Design

My No-Build Van & Car Design 

Keep things simple and get out there! If you don't want to take the time to build out an entire van, here's everything I put into my van to get here ready to hit the road for some adventures in no time!

2-inch Memory Foam

Mattress Pad

Fitting a mattress into a van is no easy task. Folding a decent mattress pad to the exact dimensions is the way to go.

Portable Power Station 

This has enough to power the fridge and other electronics for a few days. You'll also get 2,500 charge cycles rather than the usual 500 of other brands because of the new tech.

Portable Refrigerator (48 quarts)

Don't ever bother with a cooler and ice again. This keeps your food cold and dry. It's been perfect for eating healthy on the road. 

Heated Blanket

Heading to some cold places? I always have this heated blanket with me for cold nights, and it keeps the whole car warm.

No-Slip Cutting Board

No kitchen counter required, this is it. You don't even have to put it away while driving. 

Food Scale

One big thing I've learned from traveling: You will eat the best foods along the way. I've added a food scale to my van kitchen to help with portion sizes.

Vertical hangers

In a van, there are tons of nooks and crannies to lose things in. Trust me on this one. This will help keep you organized (and sane) on your adventures!

Backseat organizer

In a van, there are tons of nooks and crannies to lose things in. Trust me on this one. This will help keep you organized (and sane) on your adventures!

LED Battery-Powered String Lights

Need to add some light to your tent, car or van? This is what I've been using for over 2 years now. Super functional, super cute, and they don't take up much space at all.

Collapsible Travel Toilet

When I solo-travel or stealth camp, I'm not getting out of my vehicle to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. Here's my choice.

Kitty Litter

Pair this with two 8-gallon trash bags in the collapsible toilet and you're good to go. I'd suggest changing it out every day, keeping it to #1.

Pressurized Spray Bottle

Need an easy way to shower? We heat this up in the dash and use half the bottle for an entire shampoo & scrub-down shower. Also great for spot cleaning the van.

Self-Defense Gear

Self-Defense Gear

I do a fair amount of solo-traveling, and that means that I need to feel safe. This is some of the gear that I carry with me (depending on the trip of course).

Pepper Spray

Need I say more? 

Make sure you check whether you are allowed to have this where you are going. 

Stun Gun

It's rechargeable and includes a flashlight. I like to sleep with this by me at night, and test it before going to bed. 

Camera Gear

Camera Gear

Visiting beautiful places means wanting pictures and videos to look back on Here's what I currently use and would recommend.

Canon EOS R with RF24-105mm Kit Lens

Need a breeze in your car or tent? This is an essential for comfortable sleeping on-the-go. I love them so much, I have 2.

OSMO Pocket Gimbal Camera

Super convenient mesh shower caddy for all your travel toiletry needs. Keep everything organized and ready to go!

Cross-body Camera Bag

Convenient to pack, dry, and use, this towel is a must-have. Easy to hang dry with a snap-on loop, and tiny to pack away. Never have a wet towel camping again

RV Essentials

Personal Item Travel

Don't want to pay for a carry-on or worry about the airline losing your bag?

Me Either.

Here's my top picks for living well out of a personal item on your next trip. Don't pay that airline another cent. Nice try Spirit and Frontier! 😉 💸 ✈️

Get my FREE Personal Item Packing List here!

After 2 months of living out of a carry-on in Europe, I slimmed it down to this personal item packing list. I've flown all over the country with it without ever having to pay for a bag! 🙌 

Personal Item - Backpack 

Want to carry everything on your back? This is the way to go. Make sure you order the "Size Large", rather than the newly upgraded one to make sure it's a perfect fit.

Personal Item - Wheelie Bag

Don't want to carry everything you're packing on your bag? This is exactly what you're looking for. just don't pack it too full!

Basic Packing Cubes

I've tried the compression cubes, but they don't save much space and are annoying to use. These Amazon Basic ones are the way to go for easy access!

Do-Everything Fan &Flashlight

This is literally my MVP when it comes to travel. Cool yourself during the day, get rid of the humidity in your shower stall, dry your clothes, keep cool while you sleep. This is the one to have.

Solo-Travel Satellite Tracker 

No matter where I go, I leave a trail of all my past locations and can easily check in or send an SOS to contacts & the authorities. I don't travel anywhere without it, especially on my solo trips!

Portable Solar Battery

Never run out of power on your next trip again! This has saved my butt a few times, and it recharges by sunlight if you're out and about. I bring this everywhere!

The Best Leggings Ever

I think the title says it all. I bought these for a trip and now live in them. Has pockets, tummy control, super comfy, packs down small & easily, sink washable and air dries quickly!

The Best Shirts Ever

You see where I'm going with this. They're super breathable, easy to wash, cozy as hell (they are men's shirts, so duh), dry quickly, and pack down small. I also live in these. Also perfect for the gym.

Miracle Socks (Merino Wool)

These Darn Tough socks are anti-microbial (They don't smell), and they stay dry. I put them to the test. After 7 days of backpacking in 104 heat, they still didn't get wet or smell. I finally washed them out of fear. They also come with a lifetime warranty.

Sports Bras (+Club Shirts)

Comfy and supportive. They roll up small, dry quickly, and can double as a crop top if you need to go clubbing in Spain 🤷‍♀️

Barely There Underwear

Seamless, comfy, and no digging into your skin. These pair perfectly with the leggings so nobody can see your underwear, and they don't scrunch up. They also pack super small and dry fast

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