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Things to do in Savannah, Georgia. Saving money on lodging and spending big on food and experiences.

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Best places to eat, things to do, and places to see.

Over the past year, Savannah became one of our favorite cities...and we didn't see that coming at all. Over the past 6 months, we've now been there 3 times.

It felt like home to me within the first 15 minutes of walking around. The historic district has a cozy, warm, and inviting feeling that's nothing short of palpable. Old oaks hover above the intricate architecture, practically embracing the city and her people alike.

If you're looking for a road-trip-worthy place filled with tons of history, great food, and a relaxed vibe, I'd highly suggest you add it to your list.


Where we've stayed: RV Parks & My Car

Major budget tip:

There are plenty of nice places to stay in Savannah, but it can get pricey. The first 2 times we've visited, it was actually because we had 2 weeks booked at The Oaks (an RV park) 45 minutes outside of the city. It made it super convenient to drive in after work and on the weekends.

This last time, we used this trip to try out the ultimate budget hack for traveling... sleeping in the car. My mom and I decided put the seats down and sleep in the back of my Mazda 3 hatchback together during this trip.

We brought a lot of my backpacking gear (sleeping mat, inflatable pillows, sleeping bags, a battery-powered fan), and used my planet fitness membership for a shower and a free parking lot for the night. Since it was our first time doing this, it wasn't super comfortable, and I learned a lot for my next stealth camping excursion.

Let's just say that I never really noticed how many lights are on in parking lots at night, or how loud my mom snored until she was right next to me...

Overall, a good way to save $200ish on a hotel for the night though, and it meant that we didn't hesitate to spend that money on the best food and experiences in Savannah.

More info on everything I've learned about car camping coming out soon! I've definitely found ways to make it more comfortable because of this trip!


Food Recommendations

Let's start where I always begin with my trips, figuring out where to eat. These are all of the places that we come back to again and again.


This city was made for brunch. Hot summer days lead to lazy Sunday mornings. So even when you roll out of bed around 10, you've still got time to get ready and head into the city for a perfectly relaxed meal before starting your day.

The Collins Quarter on Bull Street

Heading from Chippewa Square towards the riverfront, you'll run straight into this fancy little place that's got outdoor seating for days. Hang out under the magnolia trees, grab some mimosas, and get ready for a new twist on some old southern staples.

When we went, we started off with a delicious vanilla cappuccino. The waitress had gone on about how careful they were with their vanilla selection, and we knew we had to go for it. We asked for the house favorite, and ended up with 2 orders of the Swine Time Beni (a delicious pork creation topped with an egg, bacon, and jalapenos) and paired it with our own a la carte order of shrimp & grits.

B. Matthew's Eatery

Close to the riverfront means being close to all the action and a great spot to start your day. It's inside an old building with a newly renovated interior, filled with tasteful photographs of the city from local artists. Conveniently, it's close enough to everything, so you'll be able to easily walk off the wave of tiredness you'll feel after all of the southern classics here.

Food-wise, I enjoyed the butternut squash bruschetta with candied pecans, dried cranberries, and caramel sauce the most. I have a bit of a sweet tooth, and I can definitely say that this was a refreshing surprise to start off brunch with. I would personally suggest saving such a sweet treat for after your meal if you aren't planning on picking up dessert after you leave to explore the riverfront.

Savannah Riverboat Brunch Cruise

I feel like I've saved the best for last on this one.

The food was good, yes. This was my first experience with shrimp & grits, and it didn't disappoint. I also packed my plate with old favorites: biscuits & gravy + some eggs & bacon. It's a buffet, but pace yourself if you want to be able to still explore the city without a nap when you depart.

Mostly though, it was a combination of the food, the atmosphere on the boat, the tour up and down the river, and the history tour on the speakers outside that really set this one over the top for me. I loved it so much, that I convinced my brother to do it when he went for a visit as well

Some tips: Book this one in advance, because it fills up quick. There is only 1 slot, currently boarding Sunday at Noon. My suggestion: pay a bit extra for the window seat so that you don't miss anything as you eat your breakfast!



Savannah is fairly well-known for hitting above its weight class for fantastic dinner options. Some of the top options in the area (according to guides) are The Olde Pink House, Vic's on The River, and Husk.

I'm here to give you another option.

Fire Street Food

This is our ridiculously affordable, no-frills, all-time favorite. So much so, that our waitress Briana knows us as her "regulars" even though we live almost 300 miles away. No shame in our game!

We've eaten at the best places all up and down the East Coast, and all I can say is that whatever you order off of this menu will be absolutely perfect. No crazy recipes, no strange ingredients you wouldn't expect, just fresh delicious food at an amazing price.

I'd suggest you honestly try anything, but our favorite menu items are the edamame potstickers and prime burger. Get that burger with swiss cheese & without the mayo and pickle if you really want to enjoy the taste of the meat.

I promise, this will be the best $10 burger you've ever had.

Our little secret: After we tried Husk for dinner and spent way too much money, waited way too long for our food, for way too little food, this was our trusty backup for 2nd dinner.