Things to do in Savannah, Georgia. Saving money on lodging and spending big on food and experiences.

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Best places to eat, things to do, and places to see.

Over the past year, Savannah became one of our favorite cities...and we didn't see that coming at all. Over the past 6 months, we've now been there 3 times.

It felt like home to me within the first 15 minutes of walking around. The historic district has a cozy, warm, and inviting feeling that's nothing short of palpable. Old oaks hover above the intricate architecture, practically embracing the city and her people alike.

If you're looking for a road-trip-worthy place filled with tons of history, great food, and a relaxed vibe, I'd highly suggest you add it to your list.

Where we've stayed: RV Parks & My Car

Major budget tip:

There are plenty of nice places to stay in Savannah, but it can get pricey. The first 2 times we've visited, it was actually because w